Vision for Northland Expressed in Watercolor Renderings

Vision for Northland Expressed in Watercolor Renderings

The goal for the Northland space has always been a mixed-use center for the community that adds art, culture, life, and experiences to the city of Southfield. The vision includes a Central Park District, Shopping District, Lifestyle District and Innovation District, surrounded and separated by green space.

The Central Park District will include a variety of uses and public spaces and is defined by three key elements: an adaptive reuse of the Hudson’s Building, a ‘central park’ including a variety of public spaces, and residential dwellings.

The Shopping District will serve as an area for larger format and convenience- or service-based commercial activities. This area is planned for auto-centric retail destinations that demand high visibility and easy access.

The Lifestyle District will be the main shopping and entertainment hub of the development and will include retail, office, and residential spaces. The core buildings and streets here are designed to mimic a self-contained “main street”.

The Innovation District will include uses that merge the innovation and employment potential of research-oriented institutions, high-growth companies, and tech start-ups in amenity-rich residential and commercial environments.

Recently released artist renderings start to bring this vision to life!