Myron Frasier, Southfield City Council President

Trust us, you’re going to love it!

— Myron Frasier, Southfield City Council President

“Northland mall is an iconic name and yet, the past few years it has been negative. When the mall first opened, it was high class, attracting people form all over, the first enclosed mall in the country, especially the anchor stores and Hudson’s attracted the elite of shoppers,” says Myron Frasier, Council President.

“We work hard to make Southfield a place people can identify with and the kind of people we want to attract are families, but also a lot of the younger people 19-30—the ones that are restless that need to do things, who don’t necessarily have deep roots in the community, but are looking for a place to meet people and do fun things.”

“What I visualize is: tear down, scrub it and start over again. I’d like to have something there that says “at one time this was the place.” I see something that will put the spark back in that section of the community and attract people,” Frasier adds, “I see mixed-use, residential, stores, shops, entertainment, nice restaurants, potentially a micro brewery.”

“Trust us, you’re going to love it!”